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Download IMTBX+Grppr

Precompiled binaries for Win-x64 are available in the Releases section of the GitHub repository.

What's in the distribution

  • IMTBX.exe - IMTBX, raw peak detection program for Waters .RAW files.
  • IMTBX-View.exe - Data viewer for both regular MS and IM-MS data from Waters' instruments.
  • ImtbxGrpprGui.exe - graphical user interface for running both IMTBX and Grppr (isotopic grouping, precursor-to-fragment matching)
  • grppr-VERSION.jar - Grppr, the isotopic clustering program.


  • IMTBX.exe, IMTBX-View.exe, ImtbxGrpprGui.exe
    • .NET 4.5.2. If you're on Windows 10, you already have it. Most likely you have it on older systems as well, but if the program doesn't run, you can get it here.
  • grppr-VERSION.jar
    • Java 1.8. If you don't want to install the standard one from Oracle, you can get an alternative OpenJDK pre-built distribution for Win/Linux/Mac here.