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Author and maintainer

Dmitry Avtonomov (


The authors thank Scott Geromanos and Steve Ciavarini for providing the software library for reading raw data from Waters' instruments and valuable discussions regarding Waters specific mass calibration using the lockmass channel. Sarah Haynes for providing access to LC-IM-MS data. Ruotolo group research in the area of top-down protein sequencing is supported by the National Institutes of Health, through the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (R01 GM095832). This work was funded in part by grants from the NIH: R01GM94231 and U24CA210967 to A.I. Nesvizhskii.

Original Manuscript

Dmitry M. Avtonomov, Daniel A Polasky, Brandon T. Ruotolo, and Alexey I. Nesvizhskii. "IMTBX and Grppr: Software for Top-Down Proteomics Utilizing Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry", Analytical Chemistry, 2018.