Fixing VMWare Workstation `Device/Credential Guard are not compatible` and `64-bit Guest OS can't run on 32-bit host` errors

Zipping all relevant files in a git repo

How to make a zip copy of all git repo files without garbage

Adding all existing submodules to a git repo

You have a git repo which contains sub-directories which are git repos themselves and now you want them to become submodules. Here's a quick automatic way to add them all.

Custom nice colors in Windows shells

Wouldn't it be nice if you had completion and nice colors in cmd.exe just like what you get out of the box on most Linuxes?

Installing OMV 4 (Open Media Vault) to Raspberry Pi 3+

Walkthrough reminder for myself how to install OMV on Pi and set up backup to an external HDD.

Use p4merge from Perforce as default git mergetool

Resolving merge conflicts is one the things that I hate most. Lets make it a little easier with p4merge.

Bring back "Open command window here" context menu item in Windows

Shift + Right Click in an explorer window in Win10 now has the option to open PowerShell. If you want to have cmd.exe back instead, here's how, using the the registry.

Set up custom domain name with GitHub pages

If you host a user/org website on github-pages you might want to change the default to something nicer, like This is a short instruction how to set up the repo and DNS configuration with your DNS provider to achieve this.

Using multiple different shells/subsystems on Windows

Configuring various shells and convenient dev environments on Windows with ConEmu.

Solving problems with tethering wifi from an Android phone

If your tethered (from a phone to a windows computer) internet connection drops after a few seconds of being established, this post might be for you.