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Principal Bioinformatics Scientist

Bertis Bioscience

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About Me

Best way to describe myself would be: a software engineer with a lot of hands on experience in mass-spectrometry (coupled to liquid chromatography, ion mobility).

Usual course of action - acquire new data, explore it with visualizations, come up with a suitable processing algorithm. In most cases this results in desktop GUI applications for the viz part and CLI programs to perform batch data processing.

  • Prefer writing code in C# or Java, with occasional forays into C++.
  • Contributing to Open Source projects like Apache NetBeans.
  • Sharing love through Maven Central.
  • Daily drivers: Java, Gradle, Maven, C# (NET Standard 2.0), Git, SQL
  • Occasional usage: R, Python, Nodejs, React, Hugo, Gatsby and much more

Some project links:

  • BatMass (Java, NetBeans Platform) - Mass spectrometry data visualization and processing.
  • MSFTBX (Java, gRPC, JNA) - Java library for unified mass-spec data access: mzML, mzXML, pepXML, protXML, mzId, mzIdentML, etc. Available through Maven Central.
  • FragPipe (Java Swing, JNA) - Pipelined complete LC/MS proteomic analysis with a graphical interface. Peptide/protein search, validation, FDR estimation, quantitation, PTM analysis, spectral library building etc.
  • MSFragger (Java) - Ultra-fast proteomics search engine for Closed and Open searches.
  • IMTBX+Grppr (C#, WinForms, Java) - A suite of tools for extracting signals from Ion Mobility (IM) data (IM-MS, LC-IM-MS) and performing isotopic envelopes detection.
  • DIA-Umpire - Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) data processing tool that doesn’t require a spectral library (Java).
  • Algorithms
  • Data Visualization
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Desktop Applications
  • Instrument Control
  • PhD, Physics and Mathematics, 2012

    Institute for Energy Problems of Chemical Physics

  • MSc, Applied Physics and Mathematics, 2008

    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)


LC-MS data visualization and exploration framework. View spectra, extracted ion chromatograms and 2D ion maps of LC-MS experiments. Synchronized viewers. Visualize DIA experiments. Overlay MS/MS events, peptide identifications or custom data (via delimited text files) over a 2D map. 🚀

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