Auto Resize Guest VM Desktop running under VMWare


  • After first reboot of VM destop of guest OS stopped auto-resizing to fill host window.
  • But it was working fine during guest OS install, or while it was running from live cd.


Restart vmtoolsd service.

On Manjaro / Arch:
sudo systemctl restart vmtoolsd
Has to be done after every boot-up. And sometimes after session locks out as well.

Some suggest that delaying the start of the service helps:
sudo vim /etc/systemd/system/
and add the folowing in [Unit] section:


Didn’t help me.

A bit more context

VMWare Workstation requires you to have open-vm-tools package service installed, which actually does the resizing. I was running Manjaro 20 under VMWare Workstation 15 on Win10 Pro. Open VM Tools was already pre-installed with Manjaro distribution.
However it seems like the service named vmtoolsd starts too early. On the internet everyone mentions open-vm-tools, but it probably changed name to vmtoolsd.

Possible solutions

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