BatMass: mass-spec data visualization

A framework for LC-MS data visualization and exploration. View spectra, extracted ion chromatograms and 2D ion maps of LC-MS experiments. Synchronized viewers.

FragPipe: Proteomics 0-60 in 5 seconds

A cross-platform pipeline for comprehensive analysis of LC/MS proteomics data. Graphical User Interface (GUI) for running MSFragger (search engine), Philosopher (peptide and protein validation, reports), qunatitation tools, spectral library building and more.

IMTBX+Grppr: Ion Mobility Toolbox + Isotopic Grouping

A suite of tools for extracting signals from Ion Mobility (IM) data (IM-MS, LC-IM-MS) and performing isotopic envelopes detection.

DeltaMass: view and interrogate open search proteomics data

View and interrogate open search proteomics data.